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Clean and smooth paper, suitable for advanced document output.
Good colour appearence, whitness, strength with high smoothness result with good quality
High smoothness and strength with high opacity with good ink absorption.
Applied with the latest technology on the coating of the paper in order to minimize thewear and lear of equipped machinery.

Our Products:

photocopy paper:Grammage range :70 - 80g/m2

We have different orgins across the globe now,we mainly export to all middle east countries as well as all African destinations.
Super high whitness and thickness which produces world class quality.

Product main features:
(1) Clean and smooth paper,suitable for advanced document output.
(2) Good colour appearence and no radiation to our body.
(3) High paper quality with clear,realistic graphic as the color orginals.
(4) Applied with the latest technology on the coating of the paper in order to minimize thewear and tear of equipped machinery.
Printability range
Suitable for business documents,contract,training materials and daily office use.
WOODfree offset paper:Grammage range:40-120g/m2
Product main features:
Good whiteness,good strength ,high smoothness in result with good printing quality.
Printability range
Book text,magazines,textbooks,covers,inserts,coloured leaflet,notebook,exam paper.

LWC:Light Weight coated paper: Grammage range :48 - 80g/m2 (1)High gloss, best printing result with distinctive color details.
(2)High Bulk & High opacity.
Printability range:
Suitable for advertising materials,magazine,text pages on offset and high speed wed offset printing.
Newsprint(standard):Grammage range :42.5 - 48.8g/m2
Product main features:
(1)High smoothness and good strength,high opacity,good dimensional stability and good ink absorption.
Orgins:-(Russia, China, Canada)
Printability range:
Various newspaper or magazine printing.
5 Art papers:grammage range :105- 200g/m2
Product main features:
(1)High gloss,high bulk,suitable for high end printing products.
(2)Smooth and fine coating ,good dot reproduction,beautiful colors.
(3)Good surface strength and high whiteness,result in high quality printing and more realistic images.
pintability range:
Applicable in high-grade cigarette packaging, book jackets, envelopes, gift packaging and variety of commercial printing and book printing.
Folding Box Board(FBB)Grammage:210-400/m2
Product main features:
Consists of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp.FBB can be used in the beauty and health industry, pharmacaeuticals, food, tobacco and graphics.
Orgins:-(China, India)